And the Vibrant Voice Award 2014 Winner is...

May 14, 2014

2014 Vibrant Voice Winner

Congratulations to Dr. Anna Garrett, the 2014 Vibrant Voice Award winner! Dr. Garrett is “Chief Mojo Officer”, a.k.a. wellness coach and certified healthcare provider, and she unleashes her knowledge and experiences through her blog. It’s her honest, educated and refreshing writing style that earned her the most votes in the Vibrant Voice Award contest. She writes about midlife women’s health topics like menopause that don’t get nearly enough attention, and that drive to help other women live a vibrant life is exactly what we value at Replens.

Dr. Garrett was kind enough to answer questions about what vibrant voices like hers offer women like you. Here are her responses to our questions:

What about your writing do you think resonates so well with readers?

My writing style is clear, honest and to-the-point. I think readers appreciate this in a world where most of what we hear is sound bites. I try to choose weekly topics that I know are things women my age struggle with. I AM one of my readers...54, perimenopausal and pulled in many different directions. I try to be as transparent about my own experiences as possible.

How do you approach topics like menopause that many women don’t usually discuss casually?

I try to approach those kinds of topics with humor above all! Doing so usually helps get the conversation started. And just having someone open the door to an uncomfortable conversation can give women the permission they need to join in.

What do you hope your fans gain from reading your blog?

The thing I most hope that my fans gain is the knowing that they are not alone in whatever they are experiencing in midlife. We all like to think we're "special snowflakes" and that our experience is unique to us. And while that is true in some respects, there are LOTS of other women going through the same things. I want to create a sense of community where it feels safe to share problems and solutions. I'm also passionate about educating women so they can advocate for themselves. I've seen too many instances where women are dismissed or given a prescription for an antidepressant, antianxiety med or birth control pill to mask hormone imbalances. I'm not anti-drug (heck, I'm a pharmacist) in the right situations, but I'm a big believer in finding root causes and addressing them. That's why my practice is so much fun! Everyone is different.

When you heard about the Vibrant Voice Awards, did you immediately think you would do so well?

No! I was just honored to be nominated. When I saw some of the others that were nominated, I didn't think I had much of a chance. But when I saw I was near the top, we pulled out all the stops to get fans on board and vote.

Does wisdom really come with age, or is it something else?

I think wisdom comes from experience....and experience comes with age, so there's something to be said for that correlation. As a coach, I find that my clients who are 49ish are so ready to take the leap and figure out who they really are. I don't know if that's wisdom talking when that happens or just a desire to throw off old expectations and really step into their authentic selves. That was my experience of this age. I just wasn't willing to settle any longer...and I don't think it had much to do with wisdom! It was almost a visceral feeling of being drawn to something bigger (like starting a business :)

Any words of advice for fellow midlife women?

Be willing to be open to new experiences and to say no to things that don't align with your priorities and who you are becoming. Don't be afraid to take the path that will bring you the most joy. Make decisions from a place of love rather than fear.

Healthwise, I'd say, don't suffer in silence. Suffering is optional! Seek out a guide or mentor through this time of your life who can help you find treatments or modalities that fit your preferences. Don't allow yourself to be dismissed by the medical community. You are not crazy!

We at Replens are very pleased with the readers’ choice of Dr. Garrett as the Vibrant Voice winner. Joining her as a runner-up is Sharon King for her blog Midlife Moments. Sharon uses her blog to reveal her personal life to the world in a vulnerable and insightful way that many of us can appreciate.

Thank you to all of the nominated bloggers’ for their efforts to start the conversation on topics that aren’t widely discussed! Your efforts help all women continue to live a vibrant life.

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The Vibrant Voice Ambassador’s mission is to collect interesting stories and useful articles that are relevant for mature women.  Our goal is to help you maintain an active lifestyle - to Fifty and Beyond!
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