Vaginal Dryness Caused by Cancer Treatment

Celebrating Survivorship

Cancer brings challenges that some never talk about, such as vaginal dryness. Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer has been on the forefront of improving quality of life for cancer survivors. Feminine dryness is a key concern for cancer patients and survivors.

"Unlike many other physiological side effects of cancer treatment, sexual problems do not tend to resolve within the first year or two of disease-free survival; rather, they may remain constant and fairly severe or even continue to increase.”
- National Cancer Institute.

Estrogen-free Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer provides immediate and long lasting results for women with vaginal dryness. Replens is a clinically tested, long-lasting moisturizer that not only increases moisture, but also helps rejuvenate dry vaginal cells. Replens is available over-the-counter without a prescription, but has long been recommended by gynecologists, making it the market leader among all vaginal moisturizers.

For many women, cancer treatment and ongoing drug therapy can cause premature menopause-like symptoms or worsen symptoms for menopausal and post-menopausal women.

The American Menopause Society explains,
“Almost half of women who undergo therapy for breast or gynecologic cancer suffer some long-term sexual problems. Tamoxifen, a drug used to prevent recurrent or initial breast cancer, may promote vaginal dryness ... Aromatase inhibitors (such as Arimidex, Aromasin, Femara), another group of drugs used to prevent recurrent breast cancer, cause very low levels of estrogen and potentially more severe menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness.”

An estrogen-free option, like Replens, can be important to cancer survivors whose treatment often restricts the use of hormone therapy. But, using non-hormonal Replens does not lower the quality of care. “Two studies have looked at the efficacy of Replens for breast cancer patients ...and found Replens to be as effective as conjugated estrogen vaginal cream (for vaginal dryness).” These studies and chronic sexual concerns experienced by breast cancer survivors are reported by Dr. Doreen Wiggins and Dr. Don Dizon in an article for SRM, a clinical publication of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The article identifies the unique polycarbophil base found in Replens as the agent that binds directly to vaginal cells and "reduces the incidence of vaginal dryness."

The New England Journal of Medicine confirmed Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer was as effective as vaginal estrogen for vaginal dryness in menopausal women. "In a randomized trial, a polycarbophil-based vaginal moisturizer available over the counter (Replens) provided relief of vaginal (dryness) symptoms that was equivalent to that of vaginal estrogen…," stated the article entitled "Management of Menopausal Symptoms," by Deborah Grady, M.D., M.P.H.

Replens has been an important product for cancer quality of life programs and cancer support groups for years.

Replens does not treat cancer. Please talk to your health care provider about any concerns and for medical advice.