Vaginal Moisture Products

Find hormone-free solutions for vaginal dryness and discomfort that work best for you.

Published clinical studies show that Replens Long-Lasting Moisturizer is one of the most effective ways to address internal vaginal dryness, so Replens Long-Lasting Moisturizer is an excellent estrogen free alternative to hormone therapy. Replens Long-Lasting Moisturizer is available nationwide at drug and mass retailer stores, as well as our online retailers.

For external dryness, use Replens Moisture Restore External Comfort Gel daily for a non-messy, fragrance-free way to help soothe discomfort and irritation on the outside skin of the vagina. You can find Replens Moisture Restore External Comfort Gel at these retailers.

Do you want to enhance the feeling of intimacy? Then you should try Replens Silky Smooth Lubricant for continuous pleasure! Many women prefer the soft and silky feeling of Replens Silky Smooth and it will not dry out like most water based lubricants. You can find Replens Silky Smooth Personal Lubricant at these retailers.