Testimonials Show That Replens Helps Address Vaginal Dryness

February 03, 2014
A Happy Replens User Shares Her Story

Testimonials Show That Replens Helps Address Vaginal Dryness

You know a product really works when women tell you it changed their life.  At Replens, we receive letters, e-mails and phone calls from many women who tell us they have discovered a solution to address vaginal dryness.  In many cases, women tell us that Replens has made a positive difference in their marriage, given them more confidence and even helped them enjoy life again. 

Their testimonials often share common themes: struggles with vaginal dryness, frustration with daily discomfort and painful intercourse, and the quest for a product that could effectively alleviate the dryness.

On the bright side, many women tell us they are grateful to be living life to the fullest — free from the discomfort and pain that once hindered their lifestyles.

Now you can read and share these experiences through the online community at Replens.com.

From Losing Hope to Finding a Long-Lasting Solution

In many of the Replens testimonials, women cite frustrating attempts to find help from other sources. Some women who write to us even say they once believed that the pain and irritation of vaginal dryness was a condition they thought they would be forced to always live with.

The good news is that discovering Replens becomes the happy turning point in each story. Replens provides the solution that they thought they might never find: a safe, long-lasting vaginal moisturizer.

Here's what we heard from one happy Replens user:

"I've tried many other over-the-counter products, but intimacy with my husband was still very painful. I'm so glad I gave Replens a try."

Replens: The Key to Reviving an Active Lifestyle

Replens users are vibrant women who want to fully embrace life – whether it’s through sexual intimacy, exercise, or enjoying outdoor activities with friends and family.

When vaginal dryness causes almost constant discomfort, that level of activity becomes difficult. But the women who use Replens regularly are energized by the new worlds that are suddenly open to them once again.

Replens, which is most effective when used every 3 days, helped one woman end her six-year struggle with vaginal dryness.  Yet another loyal Replens user reported:

 “Replens has given me back my life!”

"A Life Saver" in Addressing Vaginal Dryness

Words like "satisfied," "comfortable," and "beneficial" recur in the testimonials from happy-once-again Replens users. They" are unanimous in their shared experiences that Replens is a product that can make a profound daily difference in a woman's life.

One 59-year-old woman enthusiastically captured the gratitude she and many others in the Replens family feel:

"I love life and live it to the fullest, traveling, work, spending time with family and friends and more. And I use Replens! Replens is for ladies of all ages, who should not have to suffer from dry vagina/uncomfortable sex. I have used Replens for a year now and it has helped me tremendously! Replens is now part of my active life, and I am so happy I tried it!"

Do you have your own Replens success story to share? We’d love to hear it! Tell your story here and in the comments below.

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