Valentine's Day Date Ideas

February 14, 2014
Great Valentine

Even when you're in love, dating can become routine. After the umpteenth dinner-and-a-movie combination, couples usually welcome the chance to break out and go on a unique date.

So just in time for Valentine's Day, we've gathered a few date ideas that you may not have thought of. Not only are these date ideas fresh and fun, but they also give you the chance to get to know your significant other in a deeper way with a new shared experience.

This Valentine's Day, try one of these out-of-the-ordinary dating adventures:
  • Couples massage – Was last week stressful for one or both of you? If you answered "yes" to this question, a couples massage can help release that tension and help you reconnect in a relaxing way. Before the massage, stop at your local gourmet food store for dishes to share when you are relaxing after your massages. What a great way to begin your Valentine's Day celebration!
  • Bring home the chef – Surprise your sweetheart by bringing the chef home instead of going out for dinner. Create a truly romantic setting and get pampered by letting the experts take care of every detail. Many catering companies will offer in-home dinners and if you're lucky to be in one of the big cities you can hire a chef through Kitchensurfing. The chefs will not only cook for you in your own kitchen, they will also take care of the cleanup. Or you could just organize a private wine-tasting through Wines for Humanity, where you don't just get the wine, you donate to charity with every drink.
  • Visit a playground – Is your inner child in desperate need of a release? Pack a picnic and find a well-equipped park for some nostalgic fun. See who can swing the highest and reach the end of the monkey bars first. You could even use the seesaw as a trust exercise! When you're tired of climbing and playing, spread a blanket under the jungle gym and open a bottle of wine to celebrate Valentine's Day grown-up style.
  • Karaoke – A night of karaoke serves several wonderful purposes: it breaks down walls between you and your partner by allowing you to make fools of yourselves; it provides rich and hilarious people-watching; and it can even offer an unusually romantic experience. Try singing a romantic duet at the karaoke club. This unforgettable Valentine's Day excursion may make you feel closer than ever.
  • Indoor skydiving – For adrenaline junkies who live close to a skydiving center, indoor skydiving is both a thrilling date and an unmatched bonding experience. But remember to pack your pocketbook, as this dating option is not for the faint of heart or for those who would prefer a low-cost Valentine's Day date idea. Find your nearest indoor skydiving center.
  • City scavenger hunt – Ask your most creative friend to create a scavenger hunt in the nearest urban area, and to keep it a surprise from you and your love until your date begins. Then see how quickly you can find all of the items as a team. Even better, make it a double date and compete with another couple. When the scavenger hunt is over, the winning couple gets Valentine's Day dinner courtesy of the second place couple!
  • Explore a trampoline center – These facilities are springing up all over the country. For two hours of high flying, you get an unmatched Valentine's Day cardio workout thrown in! You will be tired and disheveled when you leave, so plan to grab your favorite heart-shaped pizza on the way home.
  • Best picture marathon – First, shop for movie snacks: popcorn, chocolate raisins, and jumbo sodas. Next, check your favorite video streaming service for best-picture winners. Put the names of eight or 10 award-winning films in an empty popcorn bowl. Match different snacks to different movies, and take turns choosing films and snacks until it's time for real-life Valentine's Day fun.
  • Game night – If you love competition, set up a spectacular, couples-only Valentine's Day event featuring all of your favorite two-person games. Some excellent options are ping-pong, the card game "war," bean bag toss, and the basketball game "horse." Level the playing field with signature cocktails. And of course don't forget Twister!
  • Plan an innovative ending – Finish your spectacular Valentine's Day date with a creative approach to intimacy, too: new lingerie, music, candles, and a surprise location will all add spice to your special evening. Use Replens long-lasting vaginal moisturizer a few hours in advance for even better lovemaking.

What was your most memorable, most unusual Valentine's Day date idea? Tell us here and in the comments section below!

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