Vibrant Voice Award: Vote for your favorite blogger

April 16, 2014
Vibrant Voice Award: Vote for your favorite blogger

The Vibrant Voice Award celebrates bloggers who write about menopause in ways that help women reconnect, rekindle and rediscover the joys of life. It is difficult to find women who will freely talk about menopause, especially in a fresh and helpful way. But women need to hear it. Women need to share knowledge and support during something that we all go through. Scary, dry and uninspired writing doesn’t help anyone, so we want to say thank you to the individuals who dare to have conversations that help other women find solutions to sexual health issues like menopause!

That’s why Replens is hosting the Vibrant Voice Award contest. Readers nominated many deserving bloggers, and now the top 10 are vying to receive the top honor.


The bloggers are not the only people who get perks out of this voting process. While the top 10 nominees and the eventual winner do get rewards and bragging rights to acknowledge their contributions to the women’s sexual wellness community, there’s something in it for you too!

Voting encourages the continuation of healthy conversations, but you also get to reward yourself with something special. When you vote for your favorite blogger, you receive a free sample of Replens!


See the list of Vibrant Voice nominees below, and visit our Facebook page to cast your vote. Read their blogs to see what these women are all about and pick the one you think does the best job providing the health information you need in an open and empowering way. You have until April 30th to vote!

Vibrant Voice Blog
Dr. Anna Garrett Dr. Anna Garrett
Anne-Marie Kovacs The Succulent Wife
Staness Jonekos Eat Like a Woman
Tracy Beckerman Lost in Suburbia
Sharon King Midlife Moments
Geri Brin Fab Over Fifty
Lynnette Sheppard Menopause Goddess
Jessica Drummond Integrative Pelvic Health Institute
Lauri Ann Lumbly Your Spiritual Truth
Barbara Younger Friend for the Ride

Why it’s important

According to a study published in the June 2013 Journal of Sexual Medicine, almost 60% of surveyed women said vaginal dryness and irritation had affected their enjoyment of sex but only 44% had discussed the problem with their healthcare provider. That’s a lot of women who don’t actively seek help for something that is so common. That’s too many.

It’s not just about enjoying sex at any age, it’s about feeling supported and confident in your own well-being.

If women don’t talk to their doctor about issues like menopause symptoms, who else can they talk to? Many women look for answers on the fairly anonymous internet. But to be truly helpful, these conversations need to be informed, understanding and engaging. The bloggers nominated for a Vibrant Voice Award do just that. Participating in voting not only thanks them for what they do but could also encourage others to step up and do the same!

Speak up and support someone who’s there to support you.

Vibrant Voice Ambassador at Replens
The Vibrant Voice Ambassador’s mission is to collect interesting stories and useful articles that are relevant for mature women.  Our goal is to help you maintain an active lifestyle - to Fifty and Beyond!
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