Living a Vibrant Life

February 26, 2014
Live a Vibrant Life and Pursue Your Passions

Martha McCully, lifestyle expert, consultant, and former executive editor at InStyle Magazine has found varying degrees of success through every decade of her life. But now that she’s in her early 50s, McCully told that she feels liberated to truly live a vibrant and rich life.

"I’ve found such freedom in getting older; I released myself from any competition for the next rung of the ladder, the inner circle of the clique, a higher level on the masthead. It’s so liberating to live based on what you want to do, not based on what anyone else is doing," she said.

These days, women like McCully are a refreshing inspiration to women of all ages, as they embrace opportunities, explore their curiosities, and forge their own unique paths.

Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum in Your Fabulous 40s, 50s, and Beyond

As women gain even more confidence through their experiences — and take innovative routes through their 40s and beyond — many have discovered an intriguing recipe for living a vibrant life: be yourself and continually try those new things that you keep meaning to do.

By celebrating themselves and by ending the comparisons to conventional standards, their initiative and their imaginations become their new measuring sticks.

What have you always wanted to do but have never indulged yourself in? Have you ever wanted to learn how to sail? What about trying stand-up comedy? The world awaits you! And your future friends can’t wait to meet you!

Share Your Vibrant Talents

Strong relationships with your friends and loved ones enhance the vibrancy of your life. But what may surprise you is how connecting with service organizations can add a new level of enrichment to your life.

Have you directly or indirectly benefitted from the kindness or good works of others? What about the animal shelter that found your dog when she got out? How about the volunteer that visited your father after hip surgery?

Pay it back and then pay it forward. Share your vibrant talents and the rewards will be great for everyone.

And Keep Your Health and Relationships Vibrant, Too

In her interview with, McCully also offered this advice. "After about 40, your main job is to take care of your health - emotional, physical, spiritual," said McCully. "After 40 you just have to be proactive about health. Like your teeth. Floss every day. Use a waterpik. Buy excellent toothpaste. Go to your dentist four times a year. I also really wish I had known how much pointy shoes would exacerbate bunions."

Here at Replens, we completely agree with McCully about making health a priority. That includes a healthy relationship with your partner. Stay intimately close with your mate by using Replens Long-Lasting Feminine Moisturizer. Replens supplements the body’s natural lubrication and helps replenish vaginal moisture for days, so intimacy is more enjoyable and you have the freedom to be spontaneous.

And as for emotional health, McCully said that the greatest thing to look forward to at age 50 and beyond is, "Just not caring so much about all the little things you care about now."

"Live Based On What You Want To Do"

More and more women are finding that life experience provides the open space to take stock of where they are in order to become who they really want to be.

Want to live your vibrant life? Says McCully, "Live based on what you want to do." And you’ll be amazed at who you can become.

Are you living a vibrant life? Tell us in the comments section below.

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