FAQ: Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer

Nearly every woman will experience vaginal dryness sometime in her life. It is most often associated with the normal decline or fluctuation of the female hormone estrogen. This fluctuation can be triggered by childbirth, breastfeeding or menopause. Dryness can also be caused by taking certain medications, exercising intensively or being under stress. It is also common to experience vaginal dryness when douching, using tampons or at the end of the menstrual cycle.
Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer contains a patented ingredient for soothing and long-lasting moisture. When you apply Replens, it immediately goes to work to provide long-lasting moisture. As the cells of the vaginal wall are regenerated, dry cells are cleared and Replens is eliminated naturally. As with dry skin that you experience on your face and hands, regular moisturizing may be necessary to prevent dryness from recurring.
For most women, Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer should be used every three days for best results. However, depending on the severity of your dryness, Replens can be used more or less frequently, as necessary. Replens is safe to use daily.
Replens can be used any time of day or night. Replens works best when used on a regular schedule and not just prior to intercourse. Because Replens delivers long-lasting moisture, there is no need to apply it just prior to intercourse. We recommend using Replens at least 2 hours prior to intercourse to allow proper moisturization.
One of the most common ways that women discover vaginal dryness is during intimacy. When used regularly, Replens replenishes your natural vaginal moisture, making intimacy more enjoyable. Replens' formula delivers long-lasting moisture so sexual intercourse can be more spontaneous. Since Replens does not need to be applied immediately before intercourse, it does not interrupt the moment. Instead, Replens provides long-lasting lubrication whenever the moment is right.
No. Replens does not contain spermicide. It is not a contraceptive.
We recommend stopping the use of Replens four days before getting a pap smear.
Replens is safe for use anytime, but some women may experience discharge if used during their period. It is best to resume use of Replens after your flow completely stops.
Yes, Replens is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.
Yes, Replens Long-Lasting Moisturizer is available in three different package types: 14 application package, 8 count and 3 count packages. The 14 application package includes an aluminum tube with enough Replens for 14 applications and one reusable applicator, while the 8 count and 3 count packages includes pre-filled, sealed and individually wrapped applicators. All packages contain the same high quality product that has made Replens the most popular long-lasting feminine moisturizer.
Many health experts recommend using both a feminine/vaginal moisturizer and a lubricant to alleviate vaginal dryness. Lubricants are recommended for use as needed during sex to enhance intimacy. Replens Long-Lasting Feminine Moisturizer is recommended twice a week to replenish vaginal moisture and lasts for up to 3 days.
Yes. Glycerin is commonly found in moisturizing products like Replens because it assists in maintaining moisture over a relatively long period of time. Replens Long-Lasting Feminine Moisturizer provides alleviation of dryness symptoms and replenishes moisture for up to 3 days, providing soothing moisture to dry vaginal cells for long lasting hydration. This leaves vaginal tissues feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.
Replens Long-Lasting Feminine Moisturizer has been tested extensively in clinical studies of over 500 women. None of the results showed a connection to any sort of infections. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), yeast infections occur when there is overgrowth of the yeast called Candida that is always present in and on the body in small amounts. Candida yeast overgrowth often occurs during hormonal imbalance or various medical conditions. Symptoms of yeast infection may include genital itching, burning, and sometimes a "cottage cheese-like" vaginal discharge. Vaginal yeast infections generally require treatment with an OTC or prescription medicine that is indicated for such use.

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