Summer Fun After 50

July 02, 2014
Summer Fun After 50

It doesn’t matter how old you are – summer brings out the urge for adventure. As you age, many women find themselves with more spare time for summer fun! After 50, the possibilities for those days of summer are endless. Try a few of these ideas to make the most of your summer months:

  1. Learn something new.
    Almost everyone has something they always said, “I’ll learn to do that one day.” You might think it’s too late to try, think again! Active women over 50 can find an outlet to learn almost anything. Do you want to windsurf? Make pottery? Learn to salsa dance or bake French pastries? Resources in your area are one Internet search away, and the summer – when regular routines slow down – is the perfect time to schedule lessons to become proficient in that thing you can’t quite stop thinking about.
  2. Remember the things you used to love.
    Many women pursue their passions when they are in their teens and 20s, but soon the obligations of work and family intervene and push aside any free time that could have gone to personal summer fun. After 50, you might just discover that you have time to revive the pursuits you once enjoyed. If you were a good volleyball player when you were 23, you can join an adult league when you’re 53. If you always wanted to visit Spain two decades ago, dust off those travel brochures and make a reservation.
  3. Relive your youth.
    Remember how much you used to love running through the sprinkler at grandma and grandpas? Or maybe visiting the zoo was your annual tradition. If you’ve got grandchildren, spend an afternoon with them recreating some of your favorite summers. Seeing the joy on kids’ faces while they enjoy the things you used to love when you were their age is some of the best summer fun, after 50 or not!
  4. Make a difference.
    Your community likely has a host of opportunities to serve others this summer, and today might be the day that you sign up to volunteer or jumpstart a service project of your own. Grab your children or the neighbor kids and organize an Alex’s Lemonade Stand to benefit childhood cancer research. When the meteorologist predicts a hot spell, organize a drive to collect fans for those who don’t have air conditioning, and deliver them to your local Salvation Army. Whatever type of help you would enjoy giving, there are agencies and recipients who would be grateful for your efforts.
  5. Slow down.
    It might seem like the antithesis of a list suggesting summer activities, but sometimes the best way to enjoy summer is to put aside your frenetic pace, your cell phone and your errands and reacquaint yourself with true leisure time. A good place to start is the front porch with some people you love to spend time with. Make some tea, pour everyone a tall glass and sit and talk for hours, without any regard for the time. Watch a movie in the middle of the day when you would normally be working or cleaning the house. Sit on the beach from morning to night, with a fat beach book replacing your cell phone. Sometimes, in our fast-paced culture, it takes some practice to learn to unwind. Become a student of that process this summer.

What’s your favorite way to have a little summer fun? Has it changed after 50?

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