Single and Menopausal

July 30, 2014
Single and Menopausal

According to a 2001 study in the American Journal of Human Biology, single women consistently report an earlier onset of menopause than married women. So if you are single and approaching or experiencing menopause, you might be a step ahead of your married friends. That might not sound like good news, but single women who embrace this stage of life and treat its symptoms can discover great liberation in the stage of menopause, living large with the maturity gained from middle age and the freedom secured by singleness.

Changing Your Mindset About Menopause

Perhaps the best advice for a single woman greeting menopause is to discard all of the stereotypes and media images and draw your own conclusions. Undeniably, menopause can come with some uncomfortable side effects, but women today are fortunate enough to be menopausal in an age where a host of effective, non-harmful treatments are available for everything from vaginal dryness to hot flashes and mood swings.

It is vital that women stop viewing menopause as a disease and instead see it as the opposite of puberty, a natural life stage that brings welcome changes as well as unwelcome ones. As one OB/GYN, Marcelle Pick, writes on her website: “Menopause is a gift, a lantern lighting the way to significant transformation in all areas of your life. I want you to know, unequivocally, that you can feel and look better than you ever imagined after menopause, even if your symptoms right now are terrible. It just takes a little help and a lot of self-care.”

Embracing Life In the Midst of Menopause

Lauren Bacall once said during midlife, “I am not a has-been, I’m a will-be,” and her sentiment perfectly captures the opportunity single women have to make those midlife years vibrant and full of new experiences. Many women believe they have more freedom when they stop having monthly periods. Free from worries about menstruation or pregnancy, women can enjoy their social lives unencumbered.

The peri-menopausal and menopausal years are also the perfect time to learn new activities, forge exciting new relationships and challenge yourself professionally. You may find many of the insecurities you carried through adolescence and early adulthood have been swept away, leaving you with greater self-confidence to try new things.

Find Others With Whom to Share the Journey

You might have friends of all ages and stages of life, but when you’re single and menopausal it is helpful to surround yourself with a small circle of friends who understand the changes your body is undergoing. Chances are good you won’t want to talk about it for hours when you go out for dinner, but at those times when solidarity is required you’ll be grateful for friends who have been there or are walking through the unknown alongside you.

The best types of friends for navigating menopause are those who embrace life and find the ability to laugh at even the most irritating aspects of midlife and menopause rather than letting them drag them down. Being single can be a gift, whether you are divorced, widowed or never married. So can menopause, if you understand it and walk into it with courage.

Are you single and menopausal? What advice would you give others who are on the same journey?

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