Date Night: It's Not Just For Newlyweds

August 27, 2014
Date Night: It

In the early years of a relationship, creative dates and romantic evenings together are almost commonplace. But too often the pace of life, demands of family and the grooves of routine worn by many years as a couple eclipse some of the spontaneity. Date night shouldn’t just be for newlyweds; couples over 50 can strengthen their relationship, experience new things together and create a new set of meaningful traditions by rekindling the habit of regular date nights.

Sync Your Calendars and Stick With It

We are all busier and more dependent on our calendars than ever, but at times the only meetings that don’t merit an appointment are times with the ones we love the most. So, after you mutually agree that a date night is worthwhile, carve out several squares on your calendar for a date every week or two, and resist the temptation to let anything else crowd it out. It may not seem spontaneous, but setting a regular night reinforces the commitment you are making to quality time together and reminds both of your where your true priorities should lie.

Wanted: A Mix of Comfortable and Adventurous

Couples over the age of 50 often have more disposable income than they often do when they are raising young children, which increases the possibilities when planning date nights. There’s something intimate about developing some habits that are special just for the two of you. Maybe you find a favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant, get to know the waiters and make it a regular stop on date night. Maybe you do your homework and find a local spot with excellent live music every week. Choose a few favorite bands and become a regular. In the midst of all of these charming routines, however, stay young at heart by mixing in a bit of adventure. Turn one of your date nights into an ice skating adventure or a sunset hike. Do you both want to try something completely new, like skydiving or a zipline course? Eat a quick dinner on the way to your adventure and then jump into the great unknown together for an unforgettable date.

Meaningful Time Together Leads to Intimacy

It’s no surprise, but it bears a mention. When you are intentional and creative about date nights, those special nights together will translate into unforgettable encounters in the bedroom. Enjoy the opportunity to fuel the fires of intimacy while out to dinner, at a play or movie or on a run through a local park. And every once in a while, especially if you don’t have any kids at home, you can put together an unforgettable date in your own bedroom. Candles, music, a delicious romantic picnic that can be eaten in bed all combine for the kind of date that will make a couple determined to keep date night alive for years to come.

What do you and your partner enjoy most about date nights? Share your insight below.

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